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Thirsty Souls Community Brewing

Thirsty Souls

Located in the Appalachian foothills of North Carolina, Thirsty Souls Community Brewing is about one mission: creating a community around our small-batch craft beers and quality wines. Jan Kriska, the master brewer, used to carry casks of beer and wine up the countryside in Slovakia. Now he carries that same perseverance in brewing an ever-changing, eclectic selection of European-style beers, each one with a story. Maria Kriska’s wine connoisseurship also shines through in her curated selection of wines exhibiting distinct and nuanced flavor profiles. Thirsty Souls is where good taste meets a good time.

The idea for our brewpub was birthed out of our desire to introduce people to brews and wines that have character and personality. Even the building we chose (a former funeral home), has a unique ambiance unlike any other environment in our city. Finally, we felt the need to add a few food items that would enhance the “community” vibe, and so we now serve a phenomenal artisan pizza.

Thirsty Souls Community Brewing Photos