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Young Explorers Club

Minglewood Farms

Who: All kids 8-12 years old

When: October 19-23 (9:00am-9:45AM) followed by a session from 1-2PM)

Offered again: November 16-20 (same as above)

Where: Your Backyard with Virtual Hosting and Instruction by Minglewood Farm and Nature Preserve

Cost: $75/ camper*

* Two pay what you can slots is available for two camper on a first come, first serve, need basis.*

Calling all young explorers! If you often find your child digging in the

dirt, staring in a stream, or creating crafts from found natural materials, outside, they need to spend a week outdoors with Ms. Margie and Farmer Bill from Minglewood Farm & Nature Preserve. This is a great opportunity for homeschoolers and students that have chosen to continue their learning from home.

Adapting to the demands of social distancing, Minglewood is bringing our instructional activities to your home. Upon registration, Minglewood will mail out the tools and envelopes for each day so campers are ready to dive in. Tools include a nature journal, pencil & sharpener, and a ruler marked into their journal for proper measurements, along with the envelopes to be opened accordingly for daily activities. In the mornings, children will open their envelope with Ms. Margie and explore that day’s activities. From getting to know the trees in your area to identifying how the animals in your yard build shelters, we teach that nature is right where you live, sparking deep relationships between children and the natural world right outside their door.

Campers will need adult supervision as they step outside to explore their environment.

After a dynamic outdoor exploration of the day’s topic followed by a quick lunch, we’ll come back together in the afternoon to explore what we found. We will take turns and share our favorite discoveries from the day and learn more about each of our local sights and sounds. Some days we’ll take kids through a craft and other days we’ll teach about the importance of something as simple as the nuts in the forest and who they are feeding.

Social distancing gives us a time to develop a deeper curiosity and appreciation for the natural world around us while we all take a step back from the human realm. At Minglewood are ready to seize this opportunity and bring your child, and maybe even yourself, into a more knowing and engaged relationship with the plants, animals, and natural habitats that surrounding your home.

Come grow with us and share our passion for the natural world. Reserve your spot at this Fall’s Outdoor Explorers Camp. We can’t wait to explore the natural world with your kids!

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