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Fall Fever Mini Festival

8am-7pm, Heavenly Angles Photography - FALL FEVER IS A MINI FESTIVAL WHERE WE ARE ALLOWING SOME OF MOUNT AIRY'S FINEST SMALL BUSINESSES AN EVENT TO BE ABLE TO BE BLESSED FINANCIALLY DURING THESE UNPRECEDENTED TIMES. We will have boutiques for all ages, Scentsy and candles, home decor, jewelry and much more. There will be something for everyone in your family. Above having fun, your safety is our greatest priority, so with that being said, when attending this event please come with understanding that we will be practicing safety precautions. Due to the space we have indoors, we will be limiting the number of people that will be allowed indoors at a certain time but there will be LOTS of fun happening outdoors and this will be an all-day event. WE PROMISE, YOU WILL GET TO PARTICIPATE.

Oct. 24, 2020
All Day
fall fever mini festival.jpg