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Apple Tree Grafting Workshop

Miss Angel's Farm

Lead by the owner and lead horticulturist, Randy Shur, will be our annual apple tree grafting workshop. The art of grafting is a trade that many people do not have the chance to learn, so definitely come out and learn from one of the best. This is the process of taking a variety of fruit and making sure to continue to grow it. If you have a variety in your family backyard, bring a fresh cutting and we will help you graft it and let the tree live on. The course will include lectures and hands-on learning on different grafting techniques, plus each participant will bring home 2 grafts of their own and be able to choose from one of our orchard's varieties. Also, all participants of the grafting workshop will have the option to have access to our pre-sale of our 3-gallon large apple trees. The class price will be $35/person, including two of the young apple tree grafts that you will be able to do during the class, along with the 3-hour lesson.

Call Randy Shur at (336)745-5166 to reserve your spot today. This event is reservation only and limited to the first 15 guests. We will be socially distancing and make sure we are all safe and protected, so please bring a facemask following the NC mask mandate and respect for any elders coming to the class.

March 13, 2021
9 a.m. - noon
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