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Ever Hear of a Ground-Steak Sandwich?

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Ever Heard of a Ground-Steak Sandwich?

Welcome to the Mount Airy, North Carolina home to the famous Ground Steak Sandwich. You can visit several restaurants in the area and try this amazing sandwich. It's Southern Thing, Kelly Kazek has described as "The sandwich, a cross between a burger and a Sloppy Joe, follows the same logic as a slugburger, which is a hamburger patty extended with fillers like flour or grits. A ground-steak sandwich is made of ground chuck extended with flour and water but left loose and not shaped into a patty. According to the Mount Airy News, the sandwich is typically "served on a bun that's usually buttered and toasted, and topped off with cole slaw, tomato and mayo."

The local newspaper says the top three places to find a ground steak sandwich are: Speedy Chef, The Dairy Center and Odell's Sandwich Shop. Southern Living adds The Snappy Lunch to the list.

"Mount Airy folk remain devoted to their ground steak, despite it being a vestigial artifact of the Great Depression, as many people maintain," the Mount Airy News says. "And they are devoted to their favorite source of ground steak sandwiches. Though it doesn't happen as often as it used to, 'Mama' is often acknowledged to be the best of all possible sources for ground steak."

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